What Do Unicorns Eat - Two Unicorns Eating Ice Cream

What Do Unicorns Eat?

Have you ever wondered, what do unicorns eat? They resemble horses, so they might eat foods like hay, right?

However, unicorns are magical creatures, so that must have some kind of effect on their diet, as well. Is there some sort of magical food they like to munch on? Or can unicorns eat human foods; pizza, sushi, and even chocolate?

Today, we are going to answer all these questions. We are going to start by discussing, whether unicorns can eat horse food. Next, we will talk about the human foods unicorns can consume, if any. We´re also going to find out if unicorns eat any magical foods or something that other animals don´t eat.

I´m also going to give you a little warning you should consider when feeding unicorns, in case you would ever be lucky enough to get in contact with one.

Unicorns and Horse Food

So, what´s the deal with horse food? Can unicorns eat it?

Yes, they can. Unicorns don´t only look like horses, but unicorns can indeed consume the same foods you normally feed horses with.

Hay, grass, oats, leaves, and flowers are everyday foods for all unicorns.

However, the lucky unicorns are able to eat a variety of foods, and horse food is not their only option.

What Do Unicorns Eat - Horse Food

Can Unicorns Eat Human Foods?

Unicorns can even eat human foods, and each unicorn has its favorite foods. In Madeleine Swanson´s excellent book Unicorn Secrets – 30 Magical Secrets Of Raina The Unicorn, Raina the unicorn reveals she loves tacos.

Do unicorns eat meat, then? In Swanson´s book, you get the idea they do, but other sources indicate unicorns are herbivores.

That makes more sense to me since unicorns resemble horses. Also, the peace-loving and pure nature of unicorns match a plant-based diet.

Most unicorns love sweets and treats. Unicorns are not good at controlling themselves when it comes to treats. That´s why it´s better not to give a unicorn too many sweets.

Speaking of delicious unicorn-themed human food, here are 3 unicorn cake decorating ideas to try.

Do Unicorns Eat Rainbows?

You might have heard a rumor, that unicorns eat rainbows. Unicorns and rainbows are a good match, so unicorns eating rainbows sounds logical, right?

However, the fact is, that unicorns don´t survive by eating rainbows. Think about the composition of rainbows; basically, they consist of just water.

While water is important for the survival of all living creatures, you don´t survive with water alone. So, there are not actually any nutrients in rainbows, just water.

With that being said, unicorns do eat rainbows in addition to other foods! Rainbows are hard to catch, though.

What Do Rainbows Taste Like?

Most unicorns enjoy eating rainbows. There is an obvious reason for this. While the rainbows consist of mostly water, they don´t taste like just water, when the unicorns eat them.

The rainbows taste like different flavors for different unicorns. Even each color of the rainbow tastes different.

In Unicorn Secrets – 30 Magical Secrets Of Raina The Unicorn, Raina the unicorn reveals which flavors she tastes when she eats rainbows.

For her, the red color of the rainbow tastes like strawberry shortcake, orange tastes like chocolate, yellow like lemon pie, green like “the first sweet grass of spring”, blue like blueberry cobbler, indigo like pizza, and violet like “sweet meadow flowers dusted with moonlight”.

Can Unicorns Eat Rainbows? - Rainbow And Horses

Imagine being able to taste all your favorite foods and treats just for fun, in addition to your normal diet, without getting any extra calories! That´s exactly what unicorns do when they eat rainbows. Unicorns sure are a lucky bunch of creatures.

Other Facts About Unicorns’ Diet

There is also a theory, that unicorns don´t even need any food, they just eat it for fun. According to this theory, unicorns get all their energy from the sun through their horns.

If you feed a unicorn, make sure you only feed it with clean food! Any mold or dirt will make unicorns sick. Unicorns can take care of themselves, so if you´re not sure if the food is clean, it´s better not to give anything to a unicorn.

Unicorns’ Diet – As Unique as Each Unicorn

Unicorns, being like magical horses, eat horse food like hay, grass, oats, leaves, and flowers. Unicorns can also eat human foods, and each unicorn has its own favorite foods. It is a general assumption, that unicorns are herbivores. This makes sense to me since horses are herbivores as well.

It´s probably better to stick to vegetarian foods when it comes to feeding unicorns. Fruits like watermelons and apples are safe to start with.

Most unicorns have sweet tooth, and they love ice cream and cakes. Unicorns don´t have much self-control when it comes to treats, so give them sweets in moderation.

Unicorns can even eat rainbows, even though rainbows consist mostly just of water. Unicorns taste different flavors in each color of the rainbow, and each unicorn tastes its favorite flavors.

There is a theory, that unicorns would need exotic fruits and flowers. A more common theory suggests, that unicorns don´t actually need any food, they just eat it for fun.

That is because unicorns absorb their energy from the sun through their horns. Apparently, unicorns don´t need to drink water, either.

The most important thing to remember when feeding a unicorn is to make sure you only feed them with clean food. Curious about what unicorns drink?

What Do Unicorns Eat? - Fruits And Berries

I hope you have a better idea now, of what do unicorns eat. Based on their diet it’s no surprise that unicorns live in forests, mountains, and meadows. What do you think of their diet? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. I’m a vegetarian, have a sweet tooth and drink tons of water since becoming a healer. I’m also lactose intolerant and have a hyper sensitive sense of taste and smell. Sometimes I can smell things that others wouldn’t be able to detect. My Berky water purifier system helps to make water more delicious and pure. Everyone else can’t taste or smell the difference. When I was a child I used to pretend to chase, bathe in , and eat the rainbows. I imagined all the favors like cream mixed with sorbet. My husband teases me about my vegetarian diet and sweet tooth. I have gotten sick from dairy, strong vitamins, drinking too much coffee , or not drinking enough water. My husband and daughter love the creative and delicious meals we partake in, and look forward to eating desserts 🙂🦄

    1. We’re the same then; I’m also a vegetarian and have a sweet tooth. 🧁 Maybe I should try a water purifier system too, since I don’t have a unicorn in the house to purify the water for me. That’s definitely very unicorn-like, imagining different flavors for rainbows! 🌈