Unicorn Cake Decorating Ideas - a Unicorn Cake on Pink Background

3 Unicorn Cake Decorating Ideas (+ Bonus Cakes)

Today, we are going to have some yummy time with sweet and gorgeous unicorn cake decorating ideas. We have 3 unicorn cake ideas for you with suggestions on how to make the decorations for each cake.

You will also find a bonus unicorn cake gallery at the end of this post for even more unicorn cake decorating ideas.

Bake and decorate a stunning unicorn birthday cake, graduation cake, or even a wedding cake for a magical unicorn wedding.

Warning: This post may trigger a baking addiction!

1. The Stunning Unicorn Summer Cake

This stunning unicorn cake is perfect for any summer occasion; a birthday party, a graduation party, or even a unicorn-themed wedding!

Unicorn Summer Cake

The flower decorations make this unicorn cake look so summery. This cake also has a cool, soothing look; I can imagine just looking at this cake would bring some cooling relief for a very hot day. The blue color on the lower part of the cake makes it look like it’s frozen.

The silver-colored horn, eyes, and ears bring even more unique coolness to this magical summer cake.

An easy way to create a silver-colored horn and ears for the cake is to use a unicorn cake topper. Keep reading; we are introducing the recommended unicorn cake topper later in this post.

If you want silver-colored eyes for the unicorn cake like in the picture, there is a tutorial for making silver icing on this blog.

2. The Easy Unicorn Cone Cake

This fun unicorn cone cake makes creating the unicorn horn easy; an ice cream cone works as a unicorn horn.

Unicorn Cake Decorating Ideas - Unicorn Cone Cake

Any other decorations you choose to add to your unicorn cone cake are up to you. The ice cream cone horn takes care of the hardest part, creating the unicorn horn.

Of course, you still need to make ears for the unicorn, if you want a similar cake as in the picture above. You will find instructions for making the unicorn’s ears, eyes, and mane in the video tutorial on this post.

3. The Viral Unicorn Cake

This magically viral unicorn cake is probably the most popular type of unicorn cake. It is easy to understand why; this cake is absolutely stunning!

In the viral YouTube video below, Rosanna Pansino teaches you how to make a cake exactly like this one, including the batter. This video tutorial is very easy to follow. The written recipe for this cake is available on Rosanna Pansino’s blog. You can use the same base for other kinds of unicorn cakes too.

You can create the unicorn’s mane with pastel-colored icing following the instructions in the video. In this video tutorial, the unicorn’s eyes are piped with black icing. With black icing, you can make any kind of unicorn eyes you want; smiling eyes, sleepy eyes, etc.

In the video, Rosanna Pansino also teaches you how to make the unicorn’s horn and ears. They might require some baking experience, though. I think I could follow this video until this part, but baking the unicorn horn and ears seems tricky.

If you’re not an experienced baker, there is an easier way to create the horn and ears for the unicorn cake.

Simply place a unicorn cake topper on top of your cake, and your unicorn cake has a horn and ears!

Unicorn Cake Decorating Ideas – Additional Inspiration

We are not done with the sweetness yet; I still want to give you some more unicorn cake decorating ideas for extra inspiration.

Take a look at the unicorn cake gallery below and find your favorite unicorn cake! I’m especially impressed with the black unicorn cake. I think it’s refreshingly unique, and I kind of wish it tastes like licorice. Who says a unicorn cake has to be white?

How about the angry unicorn cake? The fierce look on the unicorn cake is so unexpected, it just makes you laugh.

And I love the creativity of the unicorn mermaid cake! It combines two different mythical creatures into one fabulous cake.

Which unicorn cake is your favorite? In case you were wondering, unicorns love to eat cake, sweets and treats. Learn all about what unicorns eat.

Do you have any additional unicorn cake decorating ideas to share? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. I like that I stepped out of this article and clicked on the others too, because the whole website is so kawaii! I would love to try all and get everything! But just to look at, not really to eat, haha. Thank you for sharing the video too, it’s easy to follow, not to mention so much fun (she’s so bubbly). I am actually wondering how to get the perfect turquoise and purple color mix unique to that unicorn palette. Anyway, thank you for this very unique resource, I hope when I bake one I will have the courage to eat it! It’s just too cute to be eaten! Thanks for the good vibes! Cheers

    1. Thank you! A kawaii website is what I really wanted this to be, so I’m very happy you think so. ^^ 

      I know, all these unicorn cakes are kind of too cute to be eaten. But I have a sweet tooth (just like unicorns!), so I know I would eventually eat the unicorn cake, no matter how cute it is. 😊🍰

      Happy baking, and thank you for leaving a comment. Have a magical day! 🔮