The European Unicorns

European Unicorns

A unicorn website simply has to introduce the most common unicorn species seen in books, movies, and Western mythology. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today; the European unicorns. This is the most well-known unicorn species in the world, and normally the European unicorns are referred to simply as “unicorns“.

While the European unicorns are well-known, there’s more than meets the eye to this magical unicorn species. Let’s explore this sparkling creature of fantasy!

Where in the World Do European Unicorns Live?

As you can probably tell, the European unicorns live in Europe. Many of them live in Scotland. Other parts of Great Britain have a significant unicorn population as well. European unicorns are also common in Germany, France, and Italy.

Most European unicorns live in Western and Central Europe. But you can find unicorns across Europe, even in Northern Europe.

Do All European Unicorns Have a White Coat?

Most unicorns have a white coat, and a white mane and tail. But not all of them are white. Some unicorns have a brown or black coat.

I suppose it’s the European blood that makes so many of them white with blue eyes.

What Kind of Environment Is the Best for European Unicorns?

Mild weather is the best for European unicorns since most of them have settled in Western and Central Europe. Some of them do live in Northern Europe, though.

Forests, moors, and mountains are ideal habitats for European unicorns. Harz mountains in Germany are one of the most popular unicorn habitats in Europe. Unicorns like to live near waterfalls and in lush spruce forests.

European Unicorns - A Unicorn with Brown Coat

The European Unicorn – A Sparkling Creature of Fantasy

This is how we imagine unicorns; beautiful horse-like magical creatures with white coats.

Unicorns rarely show themselves to humans, and they live in lush forests, on mountains, and on moors. They have many magical powers, like the ability to purify water and heal the sick with their horn, granting wishes, and crying healing tears.

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  1. Kirsti, you have made unicorns interesting to me. My relationship with unicorns is only through images. You explained the details of European unicorn species and it being the most common species. This raised a few questions in my mind. How many species are there? They have healing powers and that is what the world needs more. Do all unicorns have the same powers? Or the different species have different powers? Thanks for the enlightening post.

    1. Hi Stanley,

      The unicorn species I’m aware of include the European unicorn, rainbow unicorn, Chinese unicorn (qilin), Japanese unicorn (kirin), Middle-Eastern unicorn (karkadann) and winged unicorn. This makes 6, but there are probably more. I’ve heard there is a Korean unicorn, for instance. The Korean unicorn is probably related to the Chinese unicorn and the Japanese unicorn.

      Each unicorn has unique magical powers; not two unicorns in the World have exactly the same powers. Different unicorn species have different powers as well, but there are some similarities. All unicorns have some healing powers. Winged unicorn is the only unicorn species that is able to fly. The rainbow unicorn is known to be able to control the weather. The Chinese unicorn can breathe fire like a dragon.

      Thank you for your comment and your excellent questions!