What Is a Slothicorn?

What Is a Slothicorn?

Everyone seems to be talking about slothicorns these days. What is a slothicorn, exactly? We are going to find out all about it!

What Is a Slothicorn?

Slothicorn is a hybrid of a unicorn and a sloth. It resembles more a sloth than a unicorn, though. The slothicorn looks like a sloth with a unicorn horn. A horn on the forehead is the only physical part of the slothicorn that is adopted from the unicorns.

Just like unicorns, slothicorns are magical creatures. Slothicorns are able to use their horns for healing sickness and purifying water, the same way as unicorns.

Unicorns are able to grant wishes, and so are slothicorns.

However, slothicorns are not fast like unicorns. Slothicorns are just as slow as their non-magical cousins, sloths.

Magical Jungle Slothicorn

A cute unicorn picture of a young slothicorn holding on to a tree in a magical jungle.Β 

How Is a Slothicorn Born?

So, how is the mysterious slothicorn born? Does a unicorn meet a sloth and… I don’t think we even want to think about what would happen next!

Don’t worry. Slothicorns are not born that way.

Slothicorns are born, when both unicorns and sloths reach a certain level of popularity. The popularity of unicorns and sloths together with the magic of unicorns produces a slothicorn.

It has not been accurately measured, what is the necessary amount of popularity to produce a slothicorn. However, recently both animals, the unicorn and the sloth, seem to have reached this point. As a result, the new species, slothicorn, is born.

What Is a Slothicorn - Unicorn Sloth and Slothicorn

Where Do Slothicorns Live?

Like their non-magical relatives sloths, slothicorns live in South America and Central America. Sloths spend almost all of their time hanging on trees, and so do slothicorns.

Unicorns love running in a forest, but slothicorns are the opposite. They just hang on trees and move only when necessary. Their living habits are very similar to sloths, which can not even walk.

Sloths are able to swim, though, and so are slothicorns. Slothicorns actually enjoy swimming. This is convenient for all the animals that live in or drink from the river slothicorns swim in. That’s because slothicorns purify the water of the river with their magical horns.

What Do Slothicorns Eat?

Slothicorns have the same diet as sloths; leaves of trees. They don’t get much energy from these leaves.

It is uncertain, how a slothicorn is able to remain magical with such a low calorie diet. According to a common theory, this is only possible through magic.

Do Slothicorns Sleep All the Time?

No. Even sloths don’t sleep all the time. Sloths sleep up to 10 hours a day. Only in captivity they sleep 15 to 20 hours a day, apparently because they’re bored.

There are no captive slothicorns, and wild slothicorns don’t sleep more than 10 hours a day. However, slothicorns do spend most of their time motionless hanging from trees.

What Is a Slothicorn? – A Magical Hybrid

Now you hopefully have a better idea what slothicorn is. This magical hybrid combines the magical powers of unicorns and the laid-back lifestyle of sloths.

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What do you think about the slothicorn? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. This is brilliant!!! How cute is the Slothicorn!!! I have a daughter who just adores unicorns and all things magical. She is so imaginative and creative and I think she would actually write a story about this. I love that you wrote about how this sweet creature is born. I can just see my girl snuggling with it and playing all her magical games with it. She has a beautiful unicorn with wings that she really loves. This would be a lovely addition to her collection. Great read and a cute gift idea. 

    1. Four days straight I felt sluggish and didn’t move much. My husband claimed that I was glued to the sofa. My daughter told me to go walking and do my stretches . I felt as energetic like a sloth. I propped myself up to cook, clean, meditate and then magneticly drawn back to the sleepy sofa. Today I’m not a sloth, I exercised, put on make up, went out. Sometimes my husband teases my daughter and I “sloth cats”. Some days my daughter and I are wearing our teal mermaid tail snuggies all cozy unable to move from the sofa. Hehehe….

      1. I know what you mean – I’ve had my sloth times too, or should I say slothicorn times. It’s not fun when you have zero energy, but I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better now!

    2. Hi Tara,

      That’s awesome, creativity and imagination at young age are such a gift. 

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  2. The slothicorns have very little similarities with the unicorns, though I must admit, their magical nature is certainly one that sparks great interest. They seem to be almost exact opposites to unicorns in terms of their speed and lifestyle. Their mode of birth is also another point of mystery. This is definitely interesting. Nice post 

    1. Hi Rhain,

      Thank you!

      Yeah, I think the sloth spirit in the slothicorn is so strong, that it makes the slothicorn a very sluggish animal (unlike a unicorn).  😄 

  3. Funny, you actually wrote this article about slothicorn like it’s an actual animal and I love it. Your description on how it’s born is really very funny as well, I must commend your sense of humor.  These stuffed toys are nice to  have around and are great gifts for kids. I actually got some of these for my nephews and nieces just recently and they are loving it too. I’d like to see more of these toys so I can get more for them and others because it’s a great way to make kids happy and I love giving kids happiness in full doses. 

  4. I have never heard about this amazing creature before, I think they can be really popular now when they are discovered… too bad they only live in South America, so maybe I will have to take a travel down there to see this beautiful creature πŸ™‚

    Or maybe I will have to bay one for my daughter on Amazon and let she be happy all day long πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Andrea

      Slothicorns already are very popular. πŸ™‚ I’d love to see them in their natural habitat too! I wonder if there could be some slothicorn-spotting excursions to rain forests where they live.