We all probably have an idea of the definition of a unicorn. But then, there are borderline cases that we can’t be sure of whether they are unicorns. One of these borderline cases is Pegasus. Is Pegasus a unicorn or not? Let´s ask a Pegasus!

Actually, in Greek mythology, Pegasus is a mythical winged divine horse and an offspring of Poseidon, one of the gods in Greek mythology. So, in Greek mythology, Pegasus is a single creature, not a mythical species like a unicorn.

However, in modern time Pegasus is often mentioned as if it was a mythical animal species, not just a single creature called Pegasus.

A Pegasus we got in touch with to ask about the “Pegasus or unicorn” -matter is called Cassiopeia. The great Pegasus is, obviously, her ancestor.

Cassiopeia, I Hope I´m Not Being Too Frank, But Are You A Unicorn?

“Well. What is a unicorn and what is not? Usually, to be a unicorn, you must have a horn, right? Do you see a horn on my forehead? No, you do not. See, I have these beautiful wings, so I am basically a winged horse.

Then, aren’t unicorns in essence horses with a horn? That is true, unicorns have magical powers. But so do pegasi!”

What Kind Of Magical Powers Do You Have, Then?

“Um. I can travel between the mortal and the immortal world. I am also very good at writing poems. All pegasi are. And we magically inspire poets. Whenever a poet comes near us, we strike our hooves to the ground. The poet gets so inspired by this, that magical poetry is born.

But I must say, my own poetry is quite fantastic as well. Want to hear one of my masterpieces? It is called “What I Lack In Horn”.

What I lack in horn, I gain in wings.

No matter what the blowing wind brings

I can fly and see the kaleidoscope of space and time.

Thank You, That Was An Interesting Poem. You Mentioned A “Lacking Horn” On Your Poem. Do You Feel Like You´re Lacking Something, Because You Don’t Have A Horn?

“Well. Are unicorns lacking something, because they do not have wings? I mean, which one is better, to be able to fly or to have a healing horn?”

What If You Could Have Both Wings And A Horn?

“Well, you can, actually. That is what happens when a Pegasus and a unicorn have a baby. A winged unicorn, or pegacorn, is born. These lucky little ones are born with both wings and a horn.

Oh yes, a Pegasus and a unicorn can have a baby together. It is not so much because we are magical creatures, we are just close enough to be able to mate. It is the same as horses and zebras, I think. They are not magical creatures, but they are still able to mate with each other.

And we are friends with unicorns, anyway. We do not make fun of their horns or their lack of wings. I do not know if unicorns are secretly jealous of our wings, though. I Mean, I would be, if I was a unicorn.

a winged unicorn mounting on water
A Winged Unicorn, Or Pegacorn, Is An Offspring Of A Unicorn And A Pegasus.

Anyway, the winged unicorns seem to be all over the place these days, like in that TV series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Sure, I watch it on Netflix. On the island of Crete, that is where I live, there is this nice little tavern. They serve excellent feta salad, by the way.

There is this little girl, Della, she is the daughter of the owner. She watches My Little Pony, and of course she loves ponies, horses, unicorns, pegasi… Anything with hooves. So, she is more than happy to watch My Little Pony with me.

So, You Are Not A Unicorn. But Do Pegasi And Unicorns Have Something In Common?

“We have a lot in common. Not only we all look like horses, but just like unicorns, pegasi are friendly and gentle. Pegasi are always willing to help, even more than unicorns, actually, because they can be picky with who they choose to help. Pegasi are not picky with who we help. Some people say we can be a little naive, actually.”

The Original Pegasus, Your Ancestor, Must Be A Legend For You. What Do You Know About His Life?

“He is such an inspiration! Poor Pegasus was an orphan, and he was raised by muses and the goddess Athena. He created springs of inspiration just by striking his mythical hooves to the ground.

Pegasus was a faithful servant of Zeus. In fact, he was so faithful, that Zeus transformed him into a constellation. So, Pegasus is still with us, shining bright in the night sky. How many creatures can say their ancestor is a constellation?”

Pegasus Lived In Ancient Greece, And You Also Live In Greece, Cassiopeia. Do All Pegasi Live In Greece?

“Most of us are Greek, yes. We all descend from the great Pegasus. We have not spread as wide across the world as unicorns. But some of us do live outside Greece. Many pegasi live in other European countries. I have heard of some brave pegasi even flying across the Atlantic Ocean to America.”

Thank You, For Being So Open With Us, Cassiopeia. I Appreciate That.

I hope Cassiopeias’s story has clarified the difference between unicorns, pegasi and winged unicorns. A winged unicorn is an offspring of a unicorn and a Pegasus. A unicorn has a horn but no wings, a Pegasus is a winged horse without a horn and a winged unicorn has both wings and a horn.

Pegasus in Greek mythology was an offspring of Poseidon. Pegasus was able to travel between the mortal and the immortal world. He inspired poets and served Zeus so faithfully, that Zeus transformed him into a constellation.

In Greek mythology, Pegasus was a winged horse, but since then, the pegasi are often referred to as multiple creatures or a mythical animal species, the same way as unicorns.

While pegasi are not unicorns, pegasi and unicorns have a lot in common. Not only they all look like horses, they are referred to as friendly and goodhearted creatures.

What is your opinion, is Pegasus a unicorn? Why, or why not? Is there anything else you know about the mythical Pegasus? Please share your thoughts with us!