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How to Care for a Unicorn – 5 Heartwarming Tips for Unicorn Care

If you have read Harry Potter novels, you know that magical creatures need to be cared for as well as non-magical animals. But how to care for a unicorn? Do unicorns need to be cared for in the first place?

I think we should ask our friend Hippolyta the unicorn about proper unicorn care. Let´s hear what Hippolyta has to say, and we will learn 5 heartwarming tips for unicorn care!

Hippolyta, Do Unicorns Need Humans as Caretakers?

Well, you can’t keep unicorns as pets, I can tell you that. We are highly intelligent and independent creatures, and you can not own a unicorn.

Unicorns are good at taking care of themselves, but there are certain things humans can do to improve unicorns’ well-being. I guess you could call that unicorn care.

Could You Please Explain Us how to Care for a Unicorn? For Example, Should We Build You a Stable?

Absolutely not! The first thing you should know is, that unicorns never want to be locked up. You should not lock up a unicorn in a stable, in a house or in a fence.

Unicorns need to be able to come and go as we want. We need our freedom and access to sunlight, and like I said, you can never own a unicorn.

However, you can build a shelter for a unicorn, as long as it doesn’t have a locked door. Unicorns appreciate a shelter against harsh weather, but please only build an open shelter for us!

how to care for a unicorn a unicorn shelter
Only provide a unicorn with an open shelter. Unicorns don’t want to be locked up.

What Kind of Food Should Humans Serve Unicorns? 

It is not necessary to feed unicorns, because we are good at finding food, and we don’t even need to eat, actually. We get energy directly from sunlight through our horns. That is also why you should not lock up a unicorn; we need a free access to sunlight.

But unicorns do like tasty treats, and we rather enjoy eating, so we appreciate if you give us something yummy.

Just keep in mind, that you should only give unicorns clean food. If the food is spoiled at all, unicorns get sick easily. If you are not completely sure about the quality of the food, it is better not to give a unicorn anything.

Fruits, like apples and watermelons, are always a safe choice of food for a unicorn. Most unicorns have a sweet tooth, so if you give us some sweets, most of us will happily eat them.

Please do not give unicorns too much sweets, though. We have no self control at all, when it comes to sweets. We usually end up eating too much. My personal weakness is chocolate cupcakes; I could eat ten of those at once!

You need to know how to care for a unicorn the right way, and that is especially important when it comes to feeding unicorns. If you want to know more about unicorns’ diet, I recommend the post on unicorns’ eating habits.

How About Unicorn Hair Care? Would You Like Humans to Groom You?

We don´t need grooming to stay clean, because unicorns stay magically clean. However, unicorns do enjoy grooming. We find it soothing, when our coats are brushed and our manes and tails are combed.

There is something you should know, though. For some reason, many humans seem to associate unicorns with glitter. Humans don’t always know how to care for a unicorn the right way, and a common mistake they make is to decorate their unicorn friend with glitter!

Please do not decorate your unicorn´s mane, tail or coat with glitter! The glitter sold in craft stores is made of plastic, and unicorns don’t like that. Unicorns like natural things, not things made of plastic, like glitter.

I think unicorns’ hair and tail are pretty enough without any decoration, what do you think? If you want to, and your unicorn friend agrees, you can decorate a unicorn’s mane or tail with something natural, like flowers. But please, no glitter!

Unicorns Do Like to Keep Pretty, Though, Am I Right?

Oh yes, unicorns are beautiful, and we know that too. Sometimes, unicorns are even too aware of their own beauty. This brings me to another thing I should warn you about. As pretty as your unicorn friend is, don’t give them a mirror! 

Here´s the thing: Unicorns can get so drawn to their own reflection, that they get stuck in front of a mirror. Unicorns have been known to stand in one place for centuries, staring at their own reflection.

how to care for a unicorn do not give it a mirror
Don’t give a unicorn a mirror.

Hippolyta, Do Unicorns Get Sick at All? How To Care for a Sick Unicorn?

Unicorns rarely get sick, but it can happen. You should pay attention to a unicorn’s mane and tail; they should look shiny and healthy. If a unicorn’s mane or tail gets thin and dull, the unicorn is probably sick.

If a unicorn gets very tired and loses its energy, this is a strong indicator you have a sick unicorn. It is not normal at all for unicorns to be lethargic.

Like I mentioned before, spoiled food can make unicorns sick, so watch out. Make sure your unicorn friend has been exposed to enough sunlight. Moonlight can cheer us up too, but sunlight is our main source of energy, and it helps us regain our health.

You should not take a sick unicorn to see a vet! Vets don’t know how to care for a unicorn, I can tell you. And like I mentioned, unicorns only like natural things. Unicorns can not take any of the drugs vets prescribe for horses. Those drugs would only make us worse.

I have only been sick 3 times during the 150 years of my life. Sunlight and chocolate cupcakes have always made me better!

Thank You for Your Insights on how To Care for a Unicorn, Hippolyta. I Think Now We Are Ready to Sum up the 5 Heartwarming Tips for Unicorn Care.

5 Essential Tips for Unicorn Care

This is all you need to know about basic unicorn care.

  1. Build an open shelter for your unicorn.
  2. Only give unicorns clean food.
  3. Brush your unicorn’s mane and tail.
  4. Don’t give unicorn a mirror.
  5. Give a sick unicorn sunlight, moonlight and clean food.

What is your opinion on how to care for a unicorn? Do you have any additional tips to share? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. All of these tips makes a happy unicorn. My south side of my apartment has a large glass sliding door, lots of crystals, plants, sunlight and moonlight streaming in. Dusk comes , rose violet sunset colors our balcony. I view the luminescent moon and stars from here. The perfect spot for a unicorn. My north facing area has the kitchen, smells of delicious vegetarian foods, treats being baked, a view of mountains and a river nearby, there’s always a rainbow in view with cool breeze. Our Berky water purifier supply’s us with pure clean tasting water. My daughter once said “mama? Did you charm the water? Or the house? It feels different from other places.” I just smiled, and reiki enhanced our meals and fridge. Our tiny home would be a little cramp for a full sized unicorn, but I think energetically the unicorns would like it. 🦄🙏🌞🌙

    1. Your home sounds so lovely! I’m sure have a very beautifully decorated home. Unicorns would like it for sure, although they don’t really like being indoors. But like you said, they would like the energy.

      1. Our fairy like home is cozy and tiny, filled with plants, crystals, wind chimes, beautiful scenic views, delicious food. But it is a little run down and needs remodeling. The estimate I got from one contractor said that it would cost a half years worth of my salary. Recently my daughter was on her live chat group and the kitchen door was falling off its hinges! My daughter startled by the noise, started saying ” oh no, the door is falling!!!” Can you imagine the online viewers reaction? So my daughter took a photo of our sad cabinet door on its last hinge, hanging diagonally, held up with duct tape!!! She reassured everyone that it was not the main entrance door, and no raids or robbers were breaking in. I came out of bath and had to dismantle the large heavy door. Otherwise it’s our nice sweet home.hehehe🦄🏡🏰

        1. Ha ha! Oh my, I hope you’ll get the door back in place. Otherwise, sounds like such a lovely home. I’m visioning some kind of fairy cottage in my mind! 🧚‍♀️

  2. This is some cool info lol. Spoiled food has a powerful negative effect on anything I guess, including unicorns. But, (like you said) a bit of sunlight can go a long way, and a tiny bit of chocolate.

    If I ever get a unicorn, I’ll make sure to keep them far away from the vet though.

    1. Thanks for stepping by my website and leaving a comment, Nate. Spoiled food makes anyone sick for sure. Unicorns’ ability to overcome almost any sickness with sunlight and chocolate is due to their magical powers, I guess. But you´re right, they do wonders for humans too. 🙂

  3. Wow! Another dosage of interesting and amazing overview of the unicorn and their lifestyle in relation to man. Is it only me or who on earth would want to keep unicorn as a pet(definitely not me) lol. To be honest, this is another insight to the beautiful creature and their upkeep. I think if they get along so well with humans, that is awesome especially going by their fashion sense. That’s awesome. Great post

    1. Thank you, Ramos! Unicorns don’t get along with all humans, actually, they won’t even show themselves to most of us. But if you´re a pure and sincere person, you have a chance to become friends with a unicorn. Especially if you follow the tips shared on this post. 🙂

  4. Thai Sia very good post here on caring for a unicorn. From many movies and books,I know that magical creatures love care and affection and a creatures pure and unique as the unicorn needs a lot of that that. Having said that, this are really good tips and I’m happy your guest unicorn could giveusan insight into the way the unicorns want us to treat them and take care of them. As beautiful creatures, I’m sure they’d want to look cute and neat. Awesome post.

    1. Thanks, Henderson! Isn’t it handy we can ask unicorns how they would like us to treat them? Because they can speak to us, at least by using telepathy. With non-magical animal friends, we just need to make assumptions on their needs based on their behavior.

  5. I enjoy your website – how fun.  There are many myths and legends about Unicorns.  Even in the Bible, Noah had Unicorns in the ark (although there is some controversy of what was considered to be a Unicorn back in Noah’s time).  I like your questions and the responses to your questions by your Unicorn friend.  Keeping alive the ‘magic’ in our lives is important, and your site does a great job of doing that.  

  6. I’ve be following your post for quite a while now, and I must confess, I love everything about it. It broadens my knowledge about unicorn and makes me see beyond the stereotypical way many people view unicorn. They are beautiful creature no doubt. Now, it’s good I’m learning how to take care of them. Many thanks Kirsti.


    1. Hi Jordan, thank you so much! Yes, I want to write about unicorns on a deeper level than the stereotypes. That´s awesome you think I’ve succeeded in this.

  7. The care of a unicorn is indeed wonderful and its funny yo know they can’t be domesticated although my daughter fancy these creature so much and could do anything to keep one fro her self. I’m pretty impressed that they hardly fall sick and this is very interesting to know. Thanks for the information on unicorn care.

    1. Hi Dane,

      According to the old myth, only a virgin can tame a unicorn. But in reality, it doesn’t matter if you´re a virgin or not, unicorns can’t be domesticated. 🙂 

      I guess the magical powers protect unicorns from sickness, and thanks to their magic they heal quickly in the rare occasion of getting sick.