Unicorn Dog Rae

Unicorn Dog

Another unicorn dog has gone viral on social media. A 12-week-old golden retriever called Rae from Michigan has over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Pictures on featured image by goldenunicornrae

She Has Only One Ear on Top of Her Head.

Rae has only one ear, and it’s sitting on top of her head like a unicorn horn. It is likely, that her mom bit her left ear off accidentally when she was born. The newborn puppy needed surgery, and vets were not sure if she would make it.

But the little puppy did survive. Her remaining ear just migrated to an unusual place. Somehow, it ended up to the top of her head.

And there it is, sitting on top of her head like a unicorn horn!

If you’re wondering where Rae got her name from, try spelling her name backwards.

How fitting that Rae is a golden retriever; her light, golden fur makes her even more unicorn-like.

Unicorn Dog Rae Is Able to Hear Normally with Her Remaining Ear.

Rae has a normal hearing in her remaining ear. Golden retrievers are prone to ear infections, though, so Rae’s owner will have to check her dog’s only remaining ear keeps healthy.

This unicorn puppy is furry, happy and playful like any other puppy. Having just one ear doesn’t seem to affect her quality of life.

Unicorn Dog Rae on Instagram
Image by goldenunicornrae

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