Narwhal the Magical Unicorn Puppy

Narwhal the Magical Unicorn Puppy

Once in a while, I read about unicorn-related news and phenomena around the World. Peculiar unicorn news just reached me; an animal rescue center in Missouri called Mac’s Mission has rescued a “unicorn puppy” called “Narwhal”. “Narwhal the magical unicorn puppy” has an extra tail on his forehead, but he also has a normal tail.

The poor puppy was abandoned, but fortunately, the animal rescue center saved him when he was 10 weeks old. Mac’s Mission center mostly adopts animals with special needs.

Featured Image by Mac’s Mission Facebook page.

The Extra Tail Doesn’t Cause Narwhal Any Pain.

Narwhal was X-rayed, and the X-rays showed the extra tail isn’t attached to anything, and it doesn’t have any bones in it. Therefore, Narwhal is not able to wag the tail on his forehead.

Fortunately, the extra tail doesn’t cause Narwhal any pain. It doesn’t seem to have any physical purpose, but because it’s not harming Narwhal, the vets don’t see any reason to remove the mystery tail.

The “Unicorn Puppy” Was Found with His Father.

Narwhal the unicorn puppy was found with an older dog that is believed to be his father. The potential dad has been named “Papa Smurf”. Papa Smurf is a beagle terrier mix. Narwhal does look quite a bit like a beagle, doesn’t he? Narwhal probably has some dachshunds blood too.

Apart from frostbites and getting puppy worm medicine, Narwhal has been completely healthy. He’s a happy and playful little puppy. Nobody knows what exactly happened to Narwhal and his father, or who abandoned them, but now their future looks much brighter.

The News About the “Unicorn Puppy” Went Viral.

As soon as the news about Narwhal the unicorn puppy was released, the story went viral on social media. The little-known Mac’s Mission animal rescue center suddenly got a lot of attention. This is good for them because publicity helps their important work for animals.

The extraordinary little unicorn puppy Narwhal soon got many online fans, and thousands of people wanted to adopt him. However, Rochelle Steffen, the founder of Mac’s Mission, expresses her concern that if someone would adopt Narwhal, the new owner might want to have the extra tail removed.

For now, Narwhal is staying at the rescue center, so that they can monitor him for a little longer. Narwhal will get vaccinated and the team wants to make sure the “unicorn horn” will not cause him any harm later.

Why Does Narwhal Have a “Unicorn Horn”?

The vet who examined Narwhal is not sure why he has an extra tail on his forehead. It is believed this might be a case of puppy absorption (canine fetal resorption). This means a case when a pregnant female dog has one or several fetuses disintegrate in her uterus early in the pregnancy.

The remaining siblings in the uterus can take in part of the fetal remains. This is called “vanishing twin” syndrome. So, the extra tail on Narwhal’s forehead could be remnants of his sibling that dissolved in his mother’s womb.

Narwhal the Magical Unicorn Puppy Proves It: Unicorns Exist.

Narwhal proves it: Unicorns exist. He may be an extraordinary unicorn and an extraordinary puppy, but unicorns and puppies come in different forms. And that’s what Narwhal the unicorn puppy is all about; he’s different, yet everybody loves him. It’s OK to be different. In fact, that’s what makes you so awesome! This is true regardless of whether you’re a puppy, a unicorn, a narwhal, or a human.

Read an update on Narwhal’s story on our second post on Narwhal the unicorn puppy!

What do you think about Narwhal the magical unicorn puppy’s story? Do you think we should publish more unicorn news like this? Were you familiar with Narwhal the unicorn puppy before, or did you hear about him for the first time? Please share your magical thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Wow, that was truly a very interesting story! Thanks for the news. 

    I’m a dog owner myself, in fact, I own 2. I often watch dog videos on YouTube during my free time, but this has got to be one of the most interesting stories yet. Like how is it even possible for the dog to have an extra tail… on his head? 

    Yes, people will say this dog is abnormal but I believe that extra tail is very unique and a bit cute actually. 

    Long live the unicorn puppy! 

    1. Hi Jay,

      Exactly, the extra tail makes Narwhal unique and I agree it’s cute.

      It is likely that the extra tail on Narwhal’s forehead is caused by “vanishing twin” syndrome. So, the tail would be remains of his sibling that vanished early in the pregnancy.

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment here. πŸ™‚

  2. I love it!! He is the cutest thing. I believe we all are made the way we should be, humans and animals alike. I once owned a dog who was different. His mother was tall and his dad was short with a long body as he was a mixed breed too. My dog’s front legs were a little bit longer than the back ones, so he ran kinda funny.

     We loved him anyway. I think that whomever the new owner is they should leave the tail on his face alone. It makes him unique. I’m sure he will find a family that will him well. I dislike when people want to change something because it does not fit the mold we have in our mind. Unicorns really do exist, and he proves that.  

    1. I agree, we’re all made the way we should be. The dog you owned sounds very cute to me.

      Actually, now the founder of the rescue center has decided to keep Narwhal herself. That’s because they got very suspicious applications, and it was difficult to decide who would be a suitable new owner for Narwhal. At least now he will certainly have a loving home!