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10 Beautiful Pegasus Pictures

Pegasus, the divine winged horse of Greek mythology, has inspired our imagination since ancient times. Today, I have some beautiful Pegasus pictures to share with you. These enchanting images will welcome you to a fantasy land!

1. Pegasus Flying over a Field of Flowers

Pegasus Flying over Flowers

This is an image of a Pegasus flying over a field of red flowers. The weather is cloudy and foggy, creating a mystical atmosphere. The white Pegasus looks just as pure and graceful as a unicorn.

2. A Black Pegasus Flying in Clouds

Pegasus Pictures - Black Pegasus in Clouds

Just like unicorns, pegasi come in different colors. In Greek mythology, Pegasus was described as a white-winged stallion. However, Pegasus has many offspring. Therefore, today, the pegasi have various coat colors.

This magnificent black Pegasus is flying through clouds, with a rainbow in the background. The sunlight illuminates the magical horse beautifully as well.

3. Pegasus Flies over the Sea

Pegasus Flying at Full Moon

If anything, Pegasus was meant to fly. In this fascinating picture, Pegasus is flying over the sea by sunset. The Full Moon on the horizon brings even more magic to the beautiful scene.

4. Pegasus Reflects on Water

Pegasus by Water

In this beautiful Pegasus picture, we can see Pegasus standing on its hind legs by water. Due to that, the Pegasus sees its own reflection in the water.

There are stars in the sky, so you can tell it’s nighttime. It seems like there are even Northern lights dancing in the sky.

5. Pegasus and Princess

Pegasus and Princess

This is a beautiful picture of Pegasus with a princess in a snowy forest. As you can see, the Pegasus is wearing bridles. So, we can assume the princess rides the Pegasus as well.

This is where the Pegasus is different from the unicorn. Unicorns rarely allow anyone to ride them; if they do, they won’t wear bridles or a saddle. In Greek mythology, Bellerophon rode Pegasus. Pegasus was also very devoted to serving Zeus.

Pegasus really is much more like a horse than a unicorn. And that’s what Pegasus is; a divine winged horse. Therefore, Pegasus is also much easier to tame than a unicorn. So, is a pegasus a unicorn?

6. Pegasus Walking on Clouds by Sunset

Pegasus Flying by Sunset

What an inspiring picture of Pegasus! The brilliant sunset paints this whole image with glowing colors. The Pegasus walking on clouds looks so fascinating.

7. Pegasus by Full Moon


This Pegasus is standing on its hind legs in water by the full Moon. He splashes the water around as he rises up.

Pegasus is often portrayed in beautiful landscapes, water, or a full Moon. The same goes for the unicorn; you have probably seen many pictures of unicorns by full Moon, at the seaside, and in awe-inspiring natural environments.

8. Pegasus Art

Pegasus Art
Image credit: Dorota Kudyba Pixabay

This is a beautiful piece of art portraying a white Pegasus.

9. Pegasus in Space

Pegasus in Space

This magnificent Pegasus has flown to outer space. In Greek mythology, Zeus turned Pegasus into a constellation to express his gratitude for the faithful winged horse. So, the Pegasus in this picture is not the first Pegasus who has made it to space!

10. Pegasus Under a Branch


Here we have a poetic image of a brown-coated Pegasus under a branch of a tree. Somehow, the Pegasus is walking on clouds at the same time.

Beautiful Pegasus Pictures – Which One Is Your Favorite?

I hope you have enjoyed the Pegasus pictures.Β If you want to see more beautiful fantasy images, you might also like our post on cute unicorn pictures.

Which Pegasus picture did you like the most? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. When I was in grade school, I had a paper back of “A Wrinkle in Time”. The original cover showed a flying winged pale platinum centaur man sci-fI. I thought the cover art was cool and a little far out. Many years later they changed the cover design several times. One of the changes was instead of winged centaur man, they changed it to a white Pegasus. Even before I knew of the changes, I dreamed I was flying with Pegasus to an alternate dimension. I even heard the music by Steve Miller Band, the lyrics : “time keeps on searching into the future, I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea….” So now every time I hear that song I remember that dream. I described it to adults but they couldn’t understand how my dreams were so fantastical and imaginative. As a child I daydreamed often and was scolded by my teachers. πŸ¦„

    1. Oh my, that’s so awful, being scolded for day dreaming. Nobody should ever be scolded for day dreaming! If life is not about dreaming and making your dreams come true, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be about. So please keep day dreaming! πŸ΄πŸ¦„