How do Unicorns Sleep

How Do Unicorns Sleep?

We have discussed some unicorns’ living habits in previous posts. The question that just came to my mind is, how do unicorns sleep? Do unicorns sleep?

If you’ve been wondering about the same thing, you’ve come to the right place, because we´re going to find out about unicorns’ sleeping habits!

Do Unicorns Sleep?

Unicorns are magical creatures, so maybe they don’t magically need any sleep, right? After all, they don’t need to eat, they get energy from the sun through their horns. Unicorns do like eating, though. Maybe the same applies to sleep, right?

That´s not quite the case. Unicorns do need to sleep. Their muscles don’t need to rest, obviously; unicorns never get sore muscles, no matter how much they run. However, their magical minds do need to rest, so unicorns need to sleep like all animals. They don’t need much sleep, though.

How Do Unicorns Sleep?

Unicorns prefer to sleep standing up. They do lie down at times, but only for a brief deep sleep session.

When unicorns lie down, that’s when they´re usually dreaming. That´s the case with horses too; they normally sleep in a standing position and take brief deep sleep sessions lying down.

How Much Do Unicorns Sleep?

Unicorns don’t sleep very much, only around 3 hours per day. It´s the same for horses, they don’t sleep more than 3 hours a day, at least grown-up horses.

Where Do Unicorns Sleep?

Unicorns sleep in the place they call their home. Many unicorns spend most of their time in a forest, and that´s where they sleep too. Unicorns feel safe under the trees. Some unicorns sleep in caves. You need some shelter when you sleep, don’t you?

It´s the same even for humans. You curl up under some sort of blanket when you sleep, don’t you? That´s our sleeping cave, do you agree?

Even though unicorns are magical creatures, they don’t like to feel too exposed while they sleep.

unicorns at night

Do Unicorns Dream?

Unicorns do dream. As I mentioned, unicorns have most of their dreams while lying down.

Unicorns might dream about rainbows and tasty food. Just like humans, they may also dream about the things they have experienced during the day while they were awake.

Unicorns’ Sleeping Habits Are Similar to How Horses Sleep

It seems unicorns’ sleeping habits are similar to those of horses’, which is logical, considering unicorns are similar to horses in many ways.

  • Unicorns need sleep to rest their magical minds
  • Unicorns only sleep 3 hours a day on average
  • Unicorns sleep in a standing position, but they lie down for brief deep sleep sessions
  • Unicorns prefer sleeping in a sheltered environment, such as a forest or a cave
  • Like other animals, unicorns dream while sleeping

What do you think about unicorns’ sleeping habits? Please let me know in the comment section below.

I wish sweet unicorn dreams for all!

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  1. During a stressful time in my life, I was overworked and sleep deprived. I also had some troubles with an aggressive hostile manager. She tried to pressure me legally to dye my red hair, to a olive brown grey, and cut it all off. Eventually I won. I had strange dreams of a rainbow wrapping around my car, lifting me to the sky’s. In the dream the mean co workers were afraid and whispered that the red head (me) caused this to happen. After that dream all the harassment stopped and the evil manger was fired. Since covid I’ve been unemployed temporarily. I have been sleeping more and feel happier. I wish I can find another job to be as creative and magical as I Am. 🦄❤️🐈

    1. That’s awful, a manager tried to force you to dye and cut your hair? I’ve heard of awful bosses, and even had to deal with some myself. But I’ve never heard of a boss trying to force an employee to dye and cut their hair before! I’m happy to hear you won.

      Sounds like you have a good intuition, so I’m sure you will find a job that allows you to be your creative and magical self. 🦄💖

  2. I’ve been smling all the way through this post. Furst, my daughter like unicorns and she asks alot of questions about them. Sometimes I don’t have the answers to her question. Just yesterday she asked how they sleep and now I’m reading about it, its all very interesting. Now I’ve learned about unicorn sleep, I can give answers to her questions. She would have a big smile on her face. Thanks for being of help on this. 

    1. Hi Dane,

      That´s cool, I´m not the only one who was wondering how unicorns sleep, then! Happy to hear my post helps you answer to your daughter´s question.

  3. Well this is indeed eye opening (wink wink), as I assumed that unicorns wouldn’t need to sleep like the rest of us! It sounds like unicorns understand how to get the best dreamy sleep and have some solid tips that would also work for non-magical creatures. The vision of a narwhal and a unicorn playing together sounds like a lovely dream and a great mix of magical and non-magical worlds!

    1. Yes, that would be such a cute sight, seeing a unicorn and a narwhal playing together. 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment, Aly.

  4. I actually read this post out of curiosity because of the headline and I’m glad I did. It was such an I testing read based on the conversational approach you made use of. My takeaway from this post is that we need to spend more time out in the nature to enhance better sleep. Sometimes, we need to sleep in the soothing hands of nature by spending greater amount of time around it to appreciate the beauties in nature. Very interesting post. I look forward to more

    1. Thank you, I´m happy to hear you enjoyed it. 

      Spending time outdoors during the day certainly helps for better sleep at night. I haven’t tried sleeping out in the wild, though, I must admit. I have slept in a tent years ago, but not under the open sky. I´d like to give it a try one day! 

  5. Thank you, I think you have the coolest website I have seen in awhile. I do disagree with the Unicorn when they said Life’s too short for sleeping. At least for humans, we need a certain amount of sleep, and without that sleep we will not be at our best. So I would say for humans life is too short to go through it without sleeping enough. I suppose unicorns could be different. I liked the idea of unicorns dreaming. Thanks for this article and make sure you don’t miss your sleep.

    1. Thank you so much, Jen! 

      Ha ha, I must say I agree with you. I need quite a lot of sleep myself, like 9 hours, so I’m not with the unicorns in this. The unicorns probably say that life´s too short for sleeping, because they survive with only 3 hours of sleep per day on average. 

      Of course, humans need much more. Yes, if you´re sleep deprived, you spend your days in a haze, so life´s too short not to sleep enough, like you said.