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Can Unicorns Talk?

If you happened to meet a unicorn while taking a walk in a forest, what would you say? Would the unicorn understand your words? Can unicorns talk?

We are going to answer these questions today. Let’s learn how to communicate with unicorns!

Can Unicorns Understand Human Languages?

Many animals can learn to understand some words and sentences. Unicorns don’t only understand one language, they understand all 7,000 languages of the world! This is only possible by magic, of course.

If you were lucky enough to meet a unicorn, it wouldn’t matter where in the world you happened to be. You could talk to the unicorn in your native language, and the unicorn would understand every single word.

But would the unicorn reply to you? Can unicorns speak human languages?

Can Unicorns Talk?

While all unicorns understand every language of the world, only one in four unicorns can talk in human languages. The verbal unicorns can speak all spoken languages. If you would talk to a verbal unicorn, the unicorn would reply to you in your language.

Non-verbal unicorns have other ways to communicate with humans. But how do unicorns communicate with each other?

Do Unicorns Have Their Own Language?

Unicorns only use human languages when they speak with humans (the unicorns that can speak). When unicorns talk to each other, they use their own language.

Unicorns don’t neigh like horses, but they can make snorting sounds like horses. Unicorns’ language sounds like tinkling, magical bells.

Unicorns and Telepathy

As we have learned so far, the majority of unicorns can’t speak human languages. How do they communicate with humans? The answer is telepathy.

You can talk to a unicorn normally, and the unicorn will understand you. But as you probably don’t understand the unicorn language, the unicorn will talk to you using telepathy. This means you hear the unicorn’s voice inside your head. You might think you have become mad, but don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to hear a unicorn talking inside your head if you are communicating with a real unicorn.

Unicorns rarely talk to humans, though. Unicorns are shy, and they don’t normally engage in conversations with humans. But sometimes, a unicorn might send you emotions. This also happens by telepathy, but instead of words or sentences, the unicorn sends you emotions. This way, unicorns can give us advice, warnings, and encouragement. Unicorns do this because they are kind and loving creatures. They want to help and guide us.

But now, let’s return to the question I asked you at the beginning of this post. Now that you know unicorns can reply to you, what would you say to a unicorn if you met one in a forest? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Wow, I enjoyed this read and I hope that one day I could meet a unicorn that would actually speak human language to me. For me, if I met one that can talk, I’d ask it to magically teach me many popular languages, maybe even teach me telepathy although that might no be needed. It’d be really nice to be able to speak loads of languages and learn from the magical unicorn.

    1. That’s a really good idea, I never thought of that! As unicorns understand all 7,000 languages of the world, they would make excellent language teachers. They might not be able to teach you telepathy, though, unless you possess magical powers yourself. πŸ™‚ 

      Thank you for sharing this great idea with us! What would be the first foreign language you would you like to learn from the unicorn?

  2. I asked my unicorn if he could speak. His voice came into my head and he said “not really, but telepathicly, yes.” He hardly says much, but shows his love and reactions . Some days when I feel frazzled, lazy, tired or afraid , I force myself to get back up and try again. My unicorn always shows encouragement to keep on believing in magic, beauty, kindness, whimsy childlike innocence and wonder. I once tested the unicorn by speaking to him in another language. He understood and telepathicly told me it’s a communication of the heart not language or nationality. I teased him in another foreign language and he laughed at me. I tried 3 languages and same result. The angelic realm also has no language barrier, it’s just a human thing. I’m so envious! I wish I could speak all the languages. πŸ¦„β€οΈ

  3. Sorry to be a pain in the …. but unicorns do not have wings.

    Other wise I am very much enjoying your site. I dabble at writing stories and came here originally for names. Thank you for your good works… well other than the above objection.