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Magical Unicorn Society Book Review

A while ago, I noticed my unicorn book collection was almost nonexistent, and I decided to start restocking with the unicorn books I wanted to read the most. I just had to get my copy of Selwyn E. Phipps’ book The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook .

When the Magical Unicorn Society book arrived in my mailbox, and I opened the package, I got instantly excited about the colorful cover and pages. Today, I´m going to review this handbook, so you will have a better idea of what to expect, and whether it´s a book you would like to have in your home library.

We are going to start with an introduction to the Magical Unicorn Society. Next, we will introduce the book. What kind of things about unicorns do you learn from this book? Who is the book recommended for? Is it recommended?

What Is Magical Unicorn Society?

Have you heard of the Magical Unicorn Society before? If not, you´re not the only one. This society has been very secretive and mysterious for centuries, up until recently. The Magical Unicorn Society was founded in 1577. They are dedicated to finding information on unicorns and protecting them. They have branches around the world. This is what I learned from The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook.

The Magical Unicorn Society Official Handbook

Okay, let´s admit it; you shouldn’t take this “information” quite literally. In the “About the author” section of the book, the author Selwyn E. Phipps tells about his mother, who was an explorer traveling around the world to study unicorns. Sounds like we can assume the colorful history of Magical Unicorn Society is fictional, as well as the background of the author.

However, the Magical Unicorn Society does have a website. In the handbook, you also learn how to join the Magical Unicorn Society. You need to solve a unicorn riddle and memorize an oath. If you want to become a Gold Member, you need to write your thoughts and draw a sketch about what you think the undiscovered eighth unicorn species might look like.

What Is the Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook?

Obviously, The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook  is a fictitious handbook for entertainment. You learn about different unicorn species, unicorn food, unicorn history, and where in the world to find unicorns.

The book has stories and mythology about unicorns around the world. These stories are different from the common unicorn mythology, but who can tell which mythology is right? You learn, for example, the myth of the first two unicorns in the world; Gold and Silver Unicorn. I think their story is quite beautiful.

A Comprehensive and Entertaining Unicorn Book with Beautiful Illustrations

The best thing about The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook is the adorable illustrations made by Harry and Zanna Goldhawk and Helen Dardik. The illustrations make the book very comprehensive; there are drawings of the different food plants unicorns eat, for example, and a world map to see where in the world the different unicorn species live.

According to the Magical Unicorn Society book, there are seven known species of unicorns: Woodland Flowers, Desert Flames, Ice Wanderers, Storm Chasers, Shadow Nights, Water Moons, and Mountain Jewels.

There is a test in the book to find out, which of the seven unicorn species is your guardian unicorn. I got Desert Flame! As the name suggests, Desert Flames live in deserts in North Africa, Australia, and South West USA.

Who Is the Book Recommended for?

Who should buy The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook, then? While this book is called a “handbook”, it´s not really an official unicorn guidebook about the common unicorn mythology. The writer of this book has kind of made up his own unicorn mythology, so this is a fictitious book.

This is not to say the book isn´t entertaining; it is very entertaining and enjoyable! The point is, though, if you´re looking for an “official” guidebook about unicorn mythology you can refer to, this book might not be what you´re looking for.

The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook is suitable for unicorn fans of all ages, thanks to the beautiful and detailed illustrations. This book is very enjoyable for adults because there is a lot to read. For small children, the book is probably too detailed and long to read like a storybook, but I´m sure even younger children would enjoy the cute illustrations. School children might be old enough to enjoy the stories as well.

The Magical Unicorn Society Book – A Beautiful and Whimsical Unicorn Book

The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook is a fictional handbook published by Magical Unicorn Society, a semi-fictional unicorn society in the United Kingdom. They have a website, but their history seems fictional.

In the Magical Unicorn Society book itself, you learn about different unicorn species, unicorn myths, unicorn food, unicorn history, and so on. The unicorn myths in the book are one of a kind; they are different from the common unicorn myths, but they are intriguing stories.

You should be aware, though, that The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook is more like a storybook than a guidebook about common unicorn myths.

The illustrations in this book are absolutely adorable, and they make this unicorn book a children’s favorite for sure. Even unicorn-loving adults will find the illustrations very charming. The book is long and detailed enough to catch the interest of adult readers as well.

Have you read The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook? Would you like to read it? Please let me know in the comment section below! Feel free to share tips on other great unicorn books as well, if you know any good ones.

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  1. Oh oh, Wow. This looks like a must buy for me. Who’d have ever thought that there’s anything like a magical unicorn society. That’s awesome. Well, it’s really nice to know that the book is a fiction, I think I’ll have a good read with this one as I like the myth behind unicorns. Thanks for reviewing this hand book.

    1. Hi, I felt the same way when I found out about this book; I just had to get it. I wasn’t disappointed. I hope you´ll enjoy it too!

  2. Thank you for this post.

    I have to admit, when I first started reading this I was like “Is there really such a handbook?” and I kind-of placed into the same category is BigFoot.

    After reading a bit more, I actually became interested in obtaining the book, not for myself, but for my friend’s daughter who is so much into unicorns.  I bet she would be elated to have such a book!

    Thank you so much.  I now have the perfect gift to give her!


    1. Hi Scott,

      Yes, it´s a real book. 🙂 Happy to hear you found a gift idea here. This book really is one that unicorn lovers want on their bookshelves.

  3. Hello Kirsti, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Unicorns are favorite creatures of my childhood and now they are for my kids. I usually buy books related to unicorns and this book is something I must definitely read. What I like the most is that it contains unique images which can be very interesting for kids.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Daniel! Oh yes, I´m sure kids would love the images on this book. Even as an adult I love these illustrations.

  4. Omg I love unicorns and lately I’ve been on a research streak finding out more about them and to discover whether or not there is the slightest chance that they’re not fiction, have you ever felt like that before? You mentioned that the book tells about unicorns all over the world, do you think there are Asian unicorns too? I’m from Malaysia and it would be amazing to see how people illustrate them 😀

    1. Hi,

      This book doesn’t talk about unicorns like they are usually presented, so I would take this book more as a fictional book. However, it is an entertaining and charming book. 

      I believe there´s a chance unicorns are not entirely fictional. Unicorns don’t show themselves to everyone, though. They rarely appear to people, and when they do, they choose those who are pure and truthful.

      Yes, there are unicorns in Asia too! They are a bit different from the European unicorns. In China, there is a Chinese unicorn called Qilin. Actually, I’ve published a post about Chinese unicorns if you´re interested to know more:

      There´s also a Japanese unicorn called Kirin. 

  5. The illustrations are beautifully done, and the colors are nice as this publication.

    The emphasis seems to be that these are fictional stories about fictional creatures, in spite of this they seem to be quite interesting and entertaining, to read.

    The “facts”about unicorns, are quite detailed, there are seven species,Woodland flowers, Desert flames,Ice wanderers, Storm chasers,Shadow nights,Water moons,and Mountain jewels,but there doesn’t seem to be any information on what they mean,but you can find out which is your “guardian”!.

    The Magical Unicorn Society :Official handbook       is published by a semi fictional society in the United Kingdom,I wonder if this because,the College of Heralds is situated in England, which has a lot to do with Unicorns, and other mythological creatures? or is it just a co-incidence.?

    1. Hi,

      I think The Magical Unicorn society is in England, because the founder of the society is from there. 

      On the book you do find quite a lot of information on the seven unicorn species. There´s even a map on which you can see where in the world each species live.

      Mountain Jewels live on harsh mountain areas, such as the Andes and Himalayas. Water Moons live in the water and they can be found in South East Asia , Italy, Greece and Turkey. Woodland Flowers live in Europe and East Asia, and they love trees and flowers.

      Desert Flames, my guardian  unicorns, are tough and adventurous. They live in deserts, as the name suggests. Storm Chasers seem to live in the Middle America. Ice Wanderers live in cold polar areas. Shadow Nights appear in dreams. 

      I’ve never read about these unicorn species from anywhere else, so they must be created by the author of The Magical Unicorn Society: Official Handbook. They are quite interesting to read about, though.