unicorns in Scotland

Unicorns in Scotland - The Figurehead of HMS Unicorn

Unicorns in Scotland

The unicorn is a significant part of Scottish identity. Keep reading to learn more about unicorns in Scotland and why unicorns are so highly valued there.

Lion and Unicorn

Lion and Unicorn

Lion and unicorn might sound like they have nothing to do with each other. A feline living in African savanna, and a magical, horse-like creature with one horn?

Where Do Unicorns Live - White Unicorns in a Fantasy Land with a Castle and Rainbow

Where Do Unicorns Live?

Where do unicorns live? What is the ideal natural environment for unicorns? Find the top destinations on Earth to spot unicorns.

The European Unicorns

European Unicorns

While European unicorns are well-known, there’s more than meets the eye to this magical unicorn species. Let’s explore this sparkling creature of fantasy!

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