Have fun with unicorn quizzes!

Am I Unicorn Pegasus or Earth Pony - Girl Holding My Little Pony Toy

Am I Unicorn, Pegasus or Earth Pony?

Let’s dash into the world of My Little Pony! If you have ever asked yourself “Am I unicorn, Pegasus or Earth pony?”, now it’s time to find out the truth.

Unicorn Name Generator - A Young Woman with a Unicorn Figurine

Unicorn Name Generator

Are you looking for a magical unicorn name? Picking up the perfect unicorn name can be a difficult task. Let our magical unicorn name generator help you!

Pegasus Quiz - White Magical Pegasus

Pegasus Quiz

Only 5% of people can answer correctly to all questions on this Pegasus quiz. Are you one of them? Test your Pegasus knowledge and see how much you can score!

Unicorn Quiz

How much do you really know about unicorns? Test yourself with this fun unicorn quiz! Now it’s time to find out the truth about your unicorn knowledge.

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