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Do Unicorns Have Babies?

From a biological perspective, all species on Earth are here to reproduce; to create new life. But what’s the deal with magical creatures? Do unicorns have babies?

Today, we are going to answer this question. We will also talk about how unicorns care for their foals. Cute baby unicorns coming up!

Do Unicorns Have Babies?

To make a long story short, unicorns do have babies. New unicorns need to be born, and they can only be born if unicorns have babies.

Not all unicorns have babies, though. Unicorns are highly intelligent creatures, and just like humans, they are free to choose how they live their life. This means unicorns can also decide whether they wish to have offspring or not.

Unicorn Knowledge - Unicorn Mom and Baby

How Do Unicorns Have Babies?

So, unicorns have babies, but how? While unicorns are magical beasts, they can’t just create new unicorns with magic. Just like non-magical animals, unicorns need to mate to reproduce.

The strange thing is, that unicorns are born with both male and female genitalia. So, which unicorn is the dad and which one is the mom? Well, most unicorns identify as either male or female, even though they are born as hermaphrodites. Unicorns decide which partner acts as male or female based on their gender identity.

It is also believed that unicorns can magically change their genitalia to match their gender identity. So, it is possible that adult unicorns have male or female organs based on which they choose to have.

Therefore, unicorns mate just like other mammals, and the female unicorn gets pregnant and gives birth to the foal.

Unicorn’s Pregnancy and Birth

Unicorns reach sexual maturity, when they are around 50 to 70 years old. Normally they wait until later to have their first baby, though, since 50 to 70 years old unicorns are only teenagers.

The pregnancy of a unicorn lasts for 12 months, which is around one month longer than the gestation period of a horse. Pregnant unicorns tend to eat more than normally, even though unicorns don’t need food to survive, even during pregnancy.

When it’s time for labor, the unicorn mother can experience some pain. However, other female unicorns are there to help and magically heal her, so that the labor pain disappears.

The Care of a Newborn Unicorn

As I mentioned, unicorns are born with both male and female genitalia. So, when a baby unicorn is born, no one exclaims “it’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl!”.

There’s nothing as cute in the world as a newborn baby unicorn. All unicorns of the family group cherish and love the magical foal.

Just like other mammals, the unicorn mother nurses her baby. Unicorn milk is nutritious, rainbow colored and, of course, magical.

Cartoon Baby Unicorn Holding a Pacifier

Even though grown up unicorns don’t need food to survive, baby unicorns need their mother’s milk. A unicorn foal will nurse until it is one year old.

While a unicorn foal is extremely adorable, it doesn’t have magical powers yet. A newborn unicorn only has a faint magical aura. It’s not until the foal is five years old, when it gains its magic.

Unicorn Family Life

How about the unicorn dad? Does he take care of the baby too? The answer is yes. The whole unicorn family takes care of the baby, including the father. Many unicorn couples stay together for centuries, raising their foals together.

How many babies do unicorns have, then? How often do they get pregnant? Most unicorns choose to have two to four foals during their life. Usually a unicorn mother will wait at least until her firstborn foal is five years old before she gives birth to a second one.

Unicorn Babies – The Birth of Magic

So, we have learned that unicorns have babies the same way as other mammals. The unicorn mother experiences pregnancy and labor, and nurses her foal.

The baby unicorn is a boy and a girl at the same time, and decides later in life which one it wishes to be. This part of the unicorns’ reproduction process is unusual, but otherwise, it is similar to that of horses and other mammals. Magical creatures have babies too, and when it comes to unicorns, they have babies the same way as non-magical animals.

Is there something that surprised you about how unicorns have babies and care for them? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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