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How to Train a Unicorn? – 5 Actionable Tips

It’s easy to find information on how to train a dog or a horse. But how to train a unicorn? Is it even possible to train a unicorn in the first place?

Read this post and find out all you need to know about unicorn training. Learn these 5 actionable tips and train a unicorn fast!

1. Gain the Unicorn’s Trust

All interaction with a unicorn is based on trust. Without trust, you wouldn’t be friends with a unicorn in the first place. As you are here for unicorn training tips, you probably have gained a unicorn’s trust. So, you’re most likely already doing well with this part.

However, unicorns don’t easily forgive you, if you do something that makes them lose their faith in you. Therefore, always be worthy of your unicorn’s friendship. This is the key to successful training.

2. Ask, Don’t Command

Unicorns are highly intelligent creatures, so they understand everything you say perfectly. Communication is the key to interaction with a unicorn.

It’s not just about what you say to a unicorn, but how you say it! You must always talk to your unicorn politely. Remember, unicorns don’t like to be told what to do. So, never give commands to your unicorn while training it. Instead, always ask nicely.

After all, your unicorn will only learn a new trick if it wants to. If the unicorn doesn’t want to do something, accept it. When you train a unicorn, use phrases like “would you like to” and “how would you feel about learning”.

Also, let the unicorn know why it would be fun to learn the new trick. As I mentioned, unicorns won’t do anything just to please humans, so you need to get your unicorn excited first.

Unicorn Training - Unicorn and Princess
Successful unicorn training is based on respect and communication.

3. Challenge Your Unicorn

To get your unicorn excited, you need to challenge him. Think about what makes sense to train your unicorn for in the first place. Unicorns are highly intelligent, so they already know how to perform simple tricks like jumping over a fence. You need to think of something more stimulating.

Unicorns can talk to humans, either verbally or by telepathy. So, listen to your unicorn; she might even suggest you what she would like to learn.

Unicorns are pretty smart, so they are good at learning many things themselves. Therefore, your unicorn might be excited to learn a skill he can’t easily learn on his own.

Sarah from Nevada, for example, trained her unicorn Cornflower to write alphabets on desert sand. Since unicorns don’t have hands, Cornflower held a stick in her mouth and wrote by moving her head.

4. Reward Your Unicorn with Treats

This part is where unicorn training is not much different from dog training. When you train a dog, it is important to reward your dog every time it does what you want. This is called positive reinforcement; you reward the animal for desirable behavior instead of punishing it for undesirable behavior.

Positive reinforcement works for training a unicorn as well. Punishing a unicorn never works. This would only make your unicorn lose its faith in you. Instead, reward your unicorn with treats.

While a dog might be happy with just a compliment, a unicorn expects you to reward them with a sweet treat every time. Fail to reward your unicorn with a yummy snack even once, and you might as well forget about the training altogether. The unicorn will lose its motivation instantly.

Therefore, make sure you ALWAYS have extra sweets in your bag or pocket during the unicorn training sessions! This is crucially important. The sweets can be anything your unicorn likes, whether it’s cupcakes, chocolate or oat biscuits. Just make sure you have enough.

If you are not sure what to feed them, this post about what unicorns eat should do the trick.

Reward Your Unicorn with Cupcakes
Reward your unicorn with cupcakes or other sweet treats.

5. Give Your Unicorn Time to Rest

Now you might be excited to start teaching your unicorn some cool tricks. However, don’t give your unicorn too busy of a training schedule. Unicorn training should remain a fun hobby for you and your unicorn.

Give your unicorn enough time to rest. Only train your unicorn occasionally; this will give you the best result.

Successful Unicorn Training Is Based on Co-Operation

Hopefully, these unicorn training tips have given you some new ideas. As we have learned, unicorn training is all about trust and communication between you and your unicorn. It’s all about cooperation. Giving commands to a unicorn won’t work; instead, work together as a team.

Give your unicorn enough challenges, but always remember to reward it with sweet treats. This is crucial for successful unicorn training.

Unicorn training is a lot of fun, and it should remain that way. Therefore, don’t over-exhaust your unicorn. Give him enough time to rest.

If you have any additional tips for training a unicorn, I’d love to know! Please share them in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m not sure if I would be able to successfully train a unicorn. When I was little, we had a mix breed dog who had one ear floppy and the other ear sharp and pointed upwards. From one angle he had beagle ears. Another angle he had German Shepard ears and coloring. He was a smart and clever mutt. He was a thief, mischievous even in his older years. He stole the neighbor’s bag of pet food and dragged it back home, hiding it in his dog house. He buried the shoe of the insurance sales man who was a family friend and frequent visitor. Then came time to feed him worming pills. The pills were gummy like and he refused to take them. We tried tricking him by hiding it in hamburger meat. He pretended to eat the pill, I didn’t notice so I petted him and said “good boy”. Then he smiled and spit the gummy pill, aiming and hitting my forehead. He was laughing and teasing me. I tried again to force it into his mouth. Again he smiled and spit aimed the pill hitting between my eyebrows. After many attempts I gave up. I learned to buy the powder type medicine and mix it with his meals.

    At the visit to the zoo, a pair of zebras were staring intently at me. A few seconds too late, the zebras splashed their trough of dirty water all over me and ran away. The zebras were peeking out behind a tree and Snickering. We had a yellow love bird that would escape from his cage, and destroy only my husband’s things on his desk. So I tried switching desk with my husband, but the bird laughed at us and attacked the newly swapped desk, again damaging my husband’s things. The bird was laughing and making tsktsk sounds while he was perched high up where we couldn’t reach him. My husband teases me about being tricked by the animals and how unsuccessful I was. He even said that the animals were laughing at me and training me instead.πŸ¦„πŸˆπŸ•πŸ₯

    1. That was funny, thank you for sharing! πŸ˜„ On the other hand, you might be successful at training a unicorn, because it’s not about trying to get the unicorn to “obey” you. So it’s different from dog training in that sense. It’s more about connecting with the unicorn and having a hobby together.

  2. My daughter who is 6 has a report due on what career she wants. She wants to be a unicorn catcher when she grows up. So this will help her a lot on her report. The teacher told her couple weeks ago that they weren’t real. Broke her little πŸ’œ. So now she determined to do this report