Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar in Houston

Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar in Texas

There’s a unicorn wonderland called Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar in Houston, Texas. This magical unicorn cafe opened up on April 2019 in the Montrose area, and it’s super popular.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Update on April 2021: Unfortunately, a Google search reveals this lovely unicorn dessert bar is now closed. Let’s hope new unicorn dessert bars will open up when the pandemic is over!

Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar in Houston – A Unicorn Wonderland

Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar is filled with pink and pastel-colored decor. Stuffed unicorns are hanging from the ceiling and there are unicorn figurines on the counter.

Everything in this dessert bar is “instagrammable”. This place is just not about the desserts, it’s about the experience.

I must say I don’t like everything about the decor of the place; the plastic chairs seem a bit cheap, and the neon lights don’t look very nice to me.

But I do love the pastel colors and unicorns!

Rainbow Cakes, Pink Hot Chocolate, and Unicorn Donuts

Everything about the Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar is related to unicorns, so all the desserts are pink, cute, and pastel-colored.

They have unicorn donuts, unicorn cupcakes, pink hot chocolate, and rainbow cakes. Everything is filled with sugar and sweet colors.

Waiting Times Up to 4 Hours

As I mentioned, the Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar is super popular. Everybody loves unicorns, right?

If you’re planning to visit Houston, you might want to have plenty of time for visiting the Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar. On the weekend, the waiting time can be up to 4 hours! It might be a good idea to visit on a weekday, and even then it might be full here.

Kids and adults love the place, and the customers say it’s “definitely worth the wait”.

Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar – Are You Booking a Ticket to Houston?

I’ve never been to Texas, but I must say the Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar makes me want to head to Houston. I’m sure kids love this place, but unicorn-loving adults definitely love it as well.

Have you visited Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar in Houston? Or have you visited some other unicorn dessert bar or coffee shop in another location? How was it?

If you haven’t been to this magical dessert bar yet, would you like to go? What would you have for dessert? What do you think unicorns eat for dessert? Please let me know in the comment section below. πŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar and explanations are given.

    Wow! A very interesting place that I would like to visit very much with my little girl, who loves unicorns. A very good article about this bar and I would like to see more bars like this in this world.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    1. Hi,

      Please, go ahead and share this post on social media, I would appreciate it.

      I’ll definitely write more articles on unicorn themed bars, shops and restaurants around the World, when something interesting catches my attention. If only there was a unicorn bar in Finland!

      Thank you for dropping in and leaving a comment!

  2. I live in Houston, Texas. It is so big so I love it when I I find something special in my city. My daughter loves unicorns so your pictures in the post captured my attention. Since I live here, I can plan a visit during the week just like I do for a number of other special places and avoid the crowd and the long 4 hour wait. Its on Westheimer road which is downtown. 

    1. You live in Houston? Wow, you’re so lucky! When you’ve visited the Magical Unicorn Dessert Bar, I’d love to hear how amazing it was, and did your daughter love it? 

  3. This is certainly something I feel my daughter at her age would really enjoy. All the colors, desserts, and unicorns are three things she really likes. Personally, I wouldn’t book a ticket to Texas just to go the a dessert bar, but it’s definitely something I would seek if ever in the Houston, Texas area with my kids.

    My wife, being a baked goods and pastry fanatic, would also find joy in coming here. It’s an amazing concept that would bring joy to a lot of families and unicorn fans.

    1. Hi Tim,

      You’re right, even I wouldn’t go all the way to Texas just to visit the unicorn dessert bar. But if I ever visit Texas, I’ll definitely go there. If you get a chance at some point to visit the unicorn dessert bar with your family, please let me know how it was!

  4. Thank you so much for this sweet and delicious story. Seeing all the decorations, fantasy desserts, reminds me of dreams I used to have as a child. All the colors and mountains of sweets sort of like a cross between unicorns and candy land game I used to have. I also loved Willy Wonka movie as a kid and dreamed about it too. My favorite dreams were always colorful and magical with talking animals and mythical creatures and tons of treats everywhere. I now celebrate my daughter’s every birthday, xmas, Easter, any holiday just like how I wished for as a child. I would love to take my daughter here to this magical dessert shop one day.πŸ¦„β€οΈ

    1. You’re welcome! 🍭 I love the Honeydukes candy shop in Hogsmeade in the Harry Potter series. It’s a magical candy land of my dreams; I believe the unicorn dessert bar in Houston has a similar atmosphere. It sure would be awesome to visit there one day! πŸ¦„