Funny Unicorn Pictures - Unicorn Holding a Donut

Funny Unicorn Pictures

I think we could all use a laugh, or at least a little smile. Today, I got some funny unicorn pictures for you, and hopefully they will bring some fun for your day!

Of course, all these little unicorns are awfully cute while being funny.

1. Downward Facing Unicorn

A little unicorn is doing yoga. Just when the unicorn is in downward facing dog pose, or should I say downward facing unicorn pose, it happens. The unicorn farts.!

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Downward Facing Unicorn

Of course it’s all glittery and smells like sparkles and roses, but it happens even to unicorns!

2. Unicorn Driving a Car

We often find unexpected things funny. A unicorn driving a car is certainly unexpected. I wonder if this picture makes you at least smile a little?

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Unicorn Driving a Car

3. Unicorn Ice Cream

Talking about unexpected, did you expect this unicorn to peek from an ice cream cone?

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Uni-Cone

4. Unicorn Poop

Come on, admit it, poop is funny. And so is unicorn poop! It is all rainbow colored and sparkling and smells nice, so unicorn poop is just as cute as unicorns themselves.

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Unicorn Poop

5. Unicorn Needs Coffee

Here’s a funny unicorn picture coffee lovers will understand for sure!

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Unicorn Needs Coffee

6. Unicorn Peeks from Donut

For some reason, it’s always funny (and cute!) when unicorns peek from donuts.

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Unicorn Peeks from Donut

7. Unicorns Rock!

Unicorns rock! And these unicorns definitely rock hard.

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Unicorns Rock

8. Uni-Corn

This joke never gets old! By the way, we have some clothing items with this funny Uni-Corn print in our unicorn shop. 🙂

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Uni-Corn

9. Unicorn in Tea Cup

Oh my, this funny (and cute!) little unicorn has ended up in a tea cup.

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Unicorn in Tea Cup

10. Cute Unicorn Fart

One more unicorn fart picture! I don’t think anyone can honestly say unicorn farts aren’t funny. Besides, this farting unicorn is awfully cute, and even the fart is magical.

Funny Unicorn Pictures - Cute Unicorn Fart

Want to See More Funny Unicorn Pictures? – Watch the Video!

If you want to see more funny unicorn pictures, you should check our new YouTube video. This video has lots of hilarious unicorn pictures with background music.

I hope you enjoyed our funny unicorn pictures. Which picture did you find the funniest? Please share your favorite funny unicorn pic in the comment section below!

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