How Do Unicorns Live - a Unicorn Mom and Baby in Magical Forest

How Do Unicorns Live? – Magical Life of 150 Year Old Unicorn

Unicorns must have such a wonderful lifestyle! Is their life really all sunshine and rainbows? What is it like to be a unicorn? How do unicorns live? To find out, we should ask an expert. Who knows more about unicorns than a unicorn? Today, we have a rare opportunity to learn about unicorn life from a real unicorn!

We interviewed a typical unicorn, if you can call a unicorn “typical”, Hippolyta. She talks about where she comes from, what she does on a typical day and a bit about her future plans as well. We are proud to present an exclusive interview with Hippolyta the unicorn!

Hippolyta, How Old Are You?

You should never ask a woman´s age, should you? But maybe I can tell you. I´m 150 years old, so I´m still quite young. Unicorns can live hundreds of years, so for a unicorn, I´m still on the young side.

Tell Me About Your Day.

My day? Like a typical day? I live in a small family of unicorns, like unicorns usually do. I don’t have any offspring of my own. Actually, I´m not sure if I even want any. It´s not like unicorn babies aren’t cute, of course they are. But babies, even unicorn babies, can be so much trouble, you know?

Anyway, I still live with my parents and my two younger siblings. We don’t stick together all the time, after all, I’m already a grown-up. Sometimes I go on my own trips, but on a normal day I hang out with my family, or at least we gather for the night.

How Do Unicorns Live - Unicorn in Forest

We wake up when we feel like it, and feel the rays of the sun warming us. We munch on some grass and flowers for breakfast. Just because we want to, you know. Actually, we get energy from the first rays of the sun already, because unicorns get energy through their horns directly from the sun.

After breakfast, I usually go on my own adventures for the day. I run in the forest, sometimes I do it all day, because unicorns never get tired, you know? I can run hundreds of miles in just one day, just because I like running.

If there are rainbows around, I like to chase those. That´s a lot of fun for a whole day! Rainbows are difficult to catch, but if you succeed, oh, they taste so yummy! They taste like whatever we like, like when I eat rainbows, they taste like dandelions and chocolate cupcakes.

How do I know what chocolate cupcakes taste like? Of course, I do. I happen to know where a really good bakery is. Yes, a human bakery. Sometimes, I sneak to the bakery to get some treats from a nice girl who works there. She just loves unicorns, so she always gives me some cupcakes when I visit her. She´s not supposed to, you know, but of course she can’t help herself. I´m a unicorn, after all!

Sometimes, I play with my unicorn friends in the forest and by a waterfall. At night, I gather with my family again. We look at the stars and the moon in the sky before we go to sleep.

Where Were You Born?

I was born by a waterfall in Scotland. Many unicorns come from Scotland, we´re national animals of Scotland, after all. Actually, I still live in Scotland. I do travel across Europe from time to time, but Scotland is my home, so I always return there.

Do You Have Any Future Plans?

Future? So typical for a human to ask about future! Don’t you know the present moment is the greatest gift life can give you? That´s why it´s called the present. You should do some mindfulness, like watching the trees in a forest and feel the summer wind on your skin.

All right, I do think about the future from time to time. Sometimes it scares me; are there still going to be forests for unicorns to live in? Will the sun still shine and will there still be rainbows to chase?

Unicorns in Magic Land

Like I mentioned, I´m not sure if I want any offspring of my own, unicorn babies, you know. It´s also because I´m worried about the future of unicorns; will there still be place for us in the future world? I hope there will.

I´d like to find a mate at some point. If I´ll find a mate of my own, I probably won’t be living with my family anymore. I hope we can live close to each other, though, because my family is very important to me. But I´d like to have a mate of my own, a true love.

I would very much like to visit China. I know it´s far away, and it would take more than a week to get there. Yes, of course by hoof. I´d like to meet Chinese unicorns, I’ve heard they´re fascinating creatures.

I wish I can keep eating chocolate cupcakes in the future. I know the nice girl who works in the bakery will die long before me, and I don’t know who´s going to get me cupcakes when she´s gone. But I´m sure cupcakes will find me, one way or another. When there´s a unicorn, there´s a way.

Thank You So Much For Your Time, Hippolyta.

You´re welcome. Time is on my side, after all, even though it feels like it just flies. If you ever want to ask something else, or need to talk to me for some reason, you´ll find me. Just go to a forest on a sunny day, and think about unicorns. If not me, another unicorn is just around a tree, as long as your heart is pure and you live truthfully.

So, what did you think about the interview with Hippolyta? I hope her story helped clarify how do unicorns live.

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10 thoughts on “How Do Unicorns Live? – Magical Life of 150 Year Old Unicorn”

  1. I loved the story. I remember as a child my mom and dad telling me that the key to good health and longevity was to bask in the early morning sunrise and the late sunset to charge up all our cells. I remember picnics with my family near the seashore under a shady tree. My mom prepared a feast and brought treats she made. Whenever my dad felt stressed or down we would go to the sea shore and splash and picnic there and nap too. Sunset and seeing the moon and stars signaled our time to unwind and rest. The seasons would come, eventually I grew up. Reading about the unicorns brought back nostalgia of a simpler time.

    1. Thank you! Those picnics you had sound lovely. Sounds like they have become happy childhood memories for you, and you can still get strength by remembering them.

  2. I like the way you write and think, makes me want to believe in Unicorns. I didn’t know Unicorns were nationals of Scotland. The interview is great. Hippolyta provides much insight into her life.

  3. This was a fun read about Unicorns. Despite being fictional, your writing style gives them a little extra personality. Like Jagi said, I had no idea the Unicorn was a national animal of Scotland. That’s actually a pretty awesome fact to learn!

    1. Thank you! Yes, unicorns are popular in Scottish heraldry and so on, because of the national animal status. Scotland even has a national Unicorn Day on April 9th.

  4. Thanks for this great interview with a unicorn! I like this kind of thing. It is very imaginative. Dandelions and chocolate cupcakes. Eating rainbows. Being able to run all day and not getting tired. Those all sound very much like unicorns to me. I hope there continue to be forests for the unicorns. The Chinese Unicorn page is very interesting too. Thanks for making such a fun website!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Edward! I appreciate it, especially because this “interview with a unicorn” is a new concept I tried for the first time on this post. Happy to hear you liked it. 🙂

  5. Wow! I enjoyed reading the interview. This is great ! I really love Unicorns. I got in a debate at school just because someone said Unicorns don’t and didn’t exist. Guess who won the debate?? I also have a folder on my PC dedicated to Unicorns. I think I have a problem, I might need to save this page for future reference (lol!)… Thanks Kristi for sharing this and thanks to Hippolyta.


    1. Hi Jordan,

      That sounds awesome, you have a unicorn folder on your PC! Ha ha, I´m guessing you won the debate, am I right? Unicorns exist, and sounds like you got the right unicorn attitude, so my guess is that you won. Thank you for leaving a comment and taking time to read about Hippolytas life!

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